Is your Ad Words campaign wasting you money?

Or worse yet – You don’t have

I will admit, even my account needed some major updates and was starting to waste money. Google has changed some things. Not good, not bad, you just have to pay attention and make sure you are not wasting money on clicks that don’t lead to appointments, email sign ups, or lead generation.

Searchers click your ad only to realize that wasn’t what they wanted after all. They bounce and you pay for it.

If you are not showing up on page one of a google search for physical therapists in your area or your ad isn’t then it is time for an overall.

It’s not hard to do and there are some very good articles (article from ispionage) out there that will guide you through it if you have the time.

Three very important things I learned: figure out your daily budget, actively manage your keywords, and link it to your google analytics account to track and test which adds work the best at capturing patients.

Don’t have time, or that sounds way to complicated. Let’s have a conversation. SoloiQ can help.


Post Author: Alyssa