It’s a New Year – Part Two

Goals for the new year

I will admit I am a little late in deciding which epic path to take this year, but I gave it much consideration. Here is what I came up with:

1)Take a trip once a month (just have to leave the county and see something new)
2) Add one new client a month
3) Remember falling down only matters if you don’t get back up.

So what does this have to do with you? I am wondering what your goals are personally and professionally? How will direct access impact your business and do you have a plan?

Is your website bringing you leads?  I talked to a therapist whose website was bringing him 170 new leads a month. I will admit it was an amazing site, and he was clearly doing everything I would recommend to you. I talked to another guy who was paying $600 dollars a month to have a prepackaged website for physical therapists, and it was bringing 8 new leads.

I am a boutique marketing firm.  I like to work with physical therapist because I hate pain.  I think your website (unless its bringing 170 new leads a month) can do better.

I partner with business to business marketing agencies to get you the best services at the best prices, with the best results.

If you need lead generation, traffic generation, a website refresh, blog or email newsletter campaign, we can help you with what you need. I am not offering a one size fits all solution but one customized to fit your practice and demographic.

Right now we are offering a free one month trial for lead generation, risk free.

Contact us about your goals for the new year, and let us show you how your website can get you there.

Post Author: Alyssa