It’s a New Year – Part one

A friend of mine was recently referred to a doctor, but she didn’t like his website. She looked around until she found a website she liked. Not a more credentialed, highly regarded doctor, but a better looking website. With direct access, your website needs to work harder for you and capture patients.

The yellow pages are gone and have been replaced by Google, Yahoo, Yelp and Bing. Were does your website rank on these pages? When people come to your website, do they become patients?

Sign up for a 30 day risk-free lead generation system that converts the visitors you already have into patients by addressing the pain, urgency, and fears that potential patients might have. This is a fully automated system, on your website, and proven in other industries. Worried you don’t have enough website traffic to warrant a lead generation system, we can help with that too*.

We capture the leads, you treat the patients.

I am offering a 30 day free trial. If you wish to continue using this service, it’s $200 a month. You can see examples and sign up for the trial.

We also offer website re-design, seo, and email campaign services to help increase your traffic (not included in the trial

If you have any questions, or are even mildly interested….Let’s start a conversation.

Post Author: Alyssa