Does a bad website cost you business?

How long do you have with a visitor before they have moved on or back to another site? 20 seconds, 30 seconds? If they are looking for quick answers and your webpage is a virtual encyclopedia of your industry or what you offer, they are gone.

If you have an outdated, poorly executed design, or one that does not present on a tablet or mobile phone, they are gone.

There are simply to many other places to go, attention spans are short, and they are gone.

Notice that more and more websites are trying to actively engage with customers. Sign up for this or download an e-book, but it is not going to immediately solve the pain, they are gone.

Do you know how many customers you loose with your website? Do you understand or look at you web analytics? There are simple ways to solve these problems. We can help.

Post Author: Alyssa

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